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Joining Conserv with a Mission of User Experience

I’ve always believed that art is the window to humanity’s soul. Art, artifacts, objects - anything that touches the pulse of mankind - is precious to society and needs be preserved for future generations. This preservation has been a particularly tough challenge over the course of time. There are so many aspects of conversation that needs the utmost of scientific detail and attention in order to preserve an object properly. The task is huge and humanity’s soul begs us to do it.

Throughout all my life, I’ve been a passionate lover of the arts. I would beg my mom to take me to the art museum at a young age. It was only as I got older, that the passion for art and artifacts increased into a full blown passion (or you might say, obsession). Combining this passion with my extensive history of Design and User Experience is a match made in heaven.

Conserv strives to make the preservation of objects easier through smart environmental monitoring. This gives conservators the freedom and cognitive space to focus on what they need to most - the object itself.

While we know what our focus is - Better care for more collections - we are striving to improve how User Experience can enhance this care. A good user experience is an interaction that does not take up too much cognitive load. It should be intuitive, purposeful, and digestible. Having an environmental monitoring system that “Just works” wirelessly and seamlessly is step one. Conserv has achieved step one with our incredible smart sensor. Now it’s time for step two - Enhanced UX and intuitive purposeful features.

Conserv wants to achieve better care for more collections. We already have some interface improvements on the horizon, but we want to go further. We can only do this with help. Do you care for a collection? We need to hear about what you need from us to make your job easier - so we have a list of questions for you.

1. What technology are you currently using
2. Out of this technology, what aspects and uses create value to you in your daily life
3. If you were to dream up some technology that would help you in your day to day, what would this be?
4. What would give you more time to focus on active conservation?


Feel free to reach out to me at

I’m super excited to bring great user experience to Conserv. I truly believe that Conserv will bring better care for more collections around the world. I’m looking forward to enhancing all aspects of User Experience at Conserv - Cheers!

Sara Cannon
Sara Cannon
CxO, Conserv. Striving to enhance UX to bring better care for more collections.

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