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Conserv features: Real-time alerts

Think of Real-Time Alerts as Conserv's way of reassuring you: "I'll keep an eye on your collections and let you know if there's anything to worry about. If you don't hear from me, it's all good." Alerts give you a little more peace of mind to focus on other collection issues.

Any time you're away, something troublesome could happen without your knowledge. The power could flicker out. The heating or cooling system could malfunction. A storm could tear off the roof. (That actually happened to a Conserv client.)

And, as we all now know, a pandemic could shut down your building for weeks at a time. Before this year, you probably didn't have that on your list of contingencies to plan for, did you? Even a perfectly normal closure for a weekend or holiday carries the risk of a small problem springing up and worsening for hours before anyone notices.

You can't anticipate every possibility. Fortunately, Conserv's simple wireless environmental monitoring lets you track environmental readings remotely. So you can keep an eye on the temperature, relative humidity, and light levels, and you can detect vibrations and leaks. But what if you're traveling, or attending an event, or just have something else you'd rather do than check your computer or smartphone constantly?

That's why we at Conserv developed our Real-Time Alerts feature. Even if you're busy or away from your desk, you can set up Conserv to send email and text alerts to your smartphone or other mobile device.

For each alert, you set the variable you want to keep an eye on. You choose which sensor (in other words, what room or area) you're tracking. You set the value or range that triggers an alert – for example, a temperature that rises above a certain point, or a humidity level that goes above or below your preferred range. You set how many sensors and how many variables you want your alerts to cover. You set who gets alerted. You even set how frequently the system reminds you about an out-of-spec condition.

Then you go on about your life. You can relax, knowing that Conserv is keeping an eye on your collections 24/7 and will let you know if anything seems amiss.

You can find out more about Real-Time Alerts from our Knowledge Base; just click here. Download our app from the Apple App Store here or, if you're an Android user, the Google Play Store here.

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